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Meet The Owner

Bethina Brevil

"The best way to predict the future is to design it." 

  - Buckminster Fuller


Wow! I can't believe I am here writing a mini-bio for my OWN business website. It sounds too unreal. But Hi! My name is Bethina and I am the owner of this lovely business.Welcome to Julienne's Vision Luxury Picnics! This project has taken me two years to develop; from overcoming self-doubt and discouragement, from a lack of money and resources, and from getting laid off from a corporate job with basically nothing left but the determination to make a dream come true. In the long run, it made me believe even stronger that everything that had happened put me right where I needed to be. 

I can proudly say I am a 33-year-old entrepreneur with an associate's degree in architecture and a woman with an intense passion for interior design and DIY. Luxury Picnics was born

from a love and desire to bring beautiful events to life for my clients. Knowing that I can use my creativity to do what I love and bring joy to others fuels my fire even more. 


Thank you for being part of my journey and giving me the opportunity to bring your dreams to life! 

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